Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wrap Necklace

Jewelry trends seem like they change daily.  Just when you have what is "hot" and "now", the trend has moved on and you have a necklace hanging on your mirror or buried in a drawer and you can only hope that the trend will cycle back around again, like most trends seem to do.

Luckily, layering necklaces seems to last throughout each trend.

I have always been a fan of multi-strand necklaces.  Part of it may stem from not being able to choose one necklace to wear at a time. Normally, I try to match up 2 or more necklaces that I have and wear them together.  It makes more of a statement and I like that.  I either wear one necklace with large beads or ornamentation or a wear 2-3 necklaces with smaller beads and much less ornamentation.

This necklace is my seed bead Wrap Necklace.  It's deceiving at first glance.  It is one LONG strand that you wrap around your neck.  I like it because it actually gives you options.  The less you wrap, the longer the necklace.  Or, wrap it more and make a thicker choker.  The entire strand is about 5 feet long so it's up to you how many times to wrap it up.

 I love the different blues in this necklace, and the black making a little more of a bold statement.  The blue is beautiful but the black stands out and draws your eye to it.

Hanging from each end of the necklace are 2 silver flowers. It adds a little something to the strands of beads.

 Between each color of beads, I inserted a single silver bead that looks really pretty when the light hits it.  I think it adds a little kick to it that wouldn't be there if it was just seed beads.

If you're interested in this necklace, hop on over to my Etsy shop and check it out.  And if you like the necklace, but would prefer a different color combo, just ask!


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