Friday, February 10, 2012

The Butterfly Y- set

Every woman has a favorite piece of jewelry.  That quirky bracelet that dangles from your wrist, or that flirty pair of earrings that shines just enough when the lights hits them, or that necklace that lays just right and gets those admiring looks.

I am no different.  I have my favorites and in this post, I'll share mine.

Since childhood, I have been a huge fan of butterflies.  There are so many types, some found only in a certain corner of the world.  And the colors.  The COLORS!  Some butterflies have the most beautiful shimmer in their wings or the most gorgeous shade of blue, my favorite color.

That's part of the reason that I LOVE this necklace.

 The whimsical butterfly hanging from the end of the Y shape of the necklace, watching it swing when you move as if it's trying to fly, just makes me smile.

And I LOVE the colors.  I was browsing through my favorite in-town bead store, The Bead Monkey, and I was drawn to the blue and green beads, seeing the lines and swirls in the beads.  I love that some of the beads are more ornate than the others.  Adding the gunmetal beads, to me, just added a little edge to it.  They stand out in a great way.  And to add a little more movement, I added the larger black beads.

The butterfly was a find from Fire Mountain Gems.  This is an AMAZING site to find deals on beads and all of the findings that you need when creating jewelry.  I just love the intricate pattern making up the butterfly.  And at the last minute, I added the green and blue beads to get just a little more dangle and movement.

I had quite a few beads left over once I made the necklace so I went on to make a bracelet.  It doesn't have a butterfly like the necklace but then it doesn't need one.  It's just a little compliment to the bigger piece.

And even after making the bracelet, I still had a few beads to play around with so I thought why not make some little earrings to finish off the set?  I wanted to keep the earrings simple so that the main focal point when wearing this set would be the necklace.

The blue beads in the earrings are what made me want to use these beads from the start.  You can see the lines and they make the beads a little more interesting than if they were plain blue.

This set is so fun to me.  I made another version of it using black and red beads and a black butterfly and when I wear it, I see people checking it out.

The necklace, earrings, and bracelet are available to purchase in my shop on Etsy.  You can buy all three or just one piece that you must have.

Thanks for reading!  Come see the shop and browse.

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