Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh, So Blue.

It's coming.  The Weather Channel says it's coming.  So it must be coming, right?  That snow storm that could dump anywhere from 3-12 inches on the city is coming.  I know this.  I should just accept it and wait for the thaw afterwards.  But I CAN'T!  This winter has SPOILED us when it comes to snow fall.  The snow we got last week is still out there, the longest we have had snow on the ground all winter.  And just when it might start to thaw, Mother Nature reminds us that it IS still winter.  Blech.

So in honor of my blue mood, how about a necklace that's blue, but shiny enough to make you feel good?

One night last week, I was sifting through all of my beads and noticed, just like my nail polish stash, that I have more shades of blue beads than anything else.

It's such a long necklace for taking pictures, so let's move on to the close-up shots.

I love the clear bead with the blue right down the middle of the bead.  They are even better looking in person.  And mixing the round beads with the rondelles (the squished looking blue beads) just seemed to work.  Adding the black was my way of giving the necklace a little variation.  I thought all blue might be sort of boring.

And since I have always had a love for silver, I decided to change it up and not use JUST beads.  The silver connector beads worked just right.

This is a Y-shaped necklace.  I decided to add some plain chain to the end of the Y in varying lengths and then add a few beads to make the necklace move a little more when wearing it.

The necklace has a lobster clasp.  The necklace, end to end, is about 32 inches long.

If you like what you see, hop on over to my Etsy shop and snatch it up!


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