Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome, jewelry lovers!

Welcome to my world of beads and sparkle!

I have been a jewelry lover since I was a kid.  Anything with beads or sparkle has always caught my eye.  When I watch my favorite TV shows, sometimes I find myself paying more attention to the necklace on a character than what they are saying at that moment.  But the older that I get, I get more particular about the type of jewelry that I wear.

We've all been out shopping and seen a fantastic necklace or bracelet... only to see the price tag and laugh in disbelief and disgust.  Or, you see something you would love to have IF ONLY the colors were slightly more you.  Sometimes, it's the length that you have a problem with.  Sometimes, it's just "too much" if you like things that are more simple, but still eye-catching.

That's why I started making my own jewelry.  There are SO many bead sites out there and in town where I can find the right colors and styles and use them to make my own creations.

I look through magazines, check websites, and watch TV shows to get inspiration for the pieces that I make.  I find a design that I would love to tweak and go from there.  And there are SO many options out there, so many styles to re-create or tweak to make it more you.

I will be posting my creations to this blog as I post them to Etsy.  If you see something that you like, hop on over to Etsy and check out the shop.  I have great rates on shipping and at times, I can do custom pieces based on something already posted.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back often.